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We are adding more dates and locations for our 2019 Summer Comprehensive Classes. Follow the link to our Events page to see our scheduled classes. We are always updating this information so please check often.

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Get the Word Out

“Please, please, please get the word out to all teacher education programs about the Slingerland multisensory teaching method. It is imperative that children across the nation have an opportunity to benefit from this method.”

Slingerland Makes a Difference

“The Slingerland® Approach makes a difference in greater teacher satisfaction, improved academic performance, and increased levels of self-esteem because THEY CAN READ! This approach makes a real difference in the lives of these young people.”

Teachers are drawn to the Slingerland® Approach because it brings meaning and structure to the teaching of reading and writing. Many teachers report that this course has provided more information, strategies, and tools for effective instruction than any undergraduate program they have completed.

“Having taught as long as I have, I have seen many children come through where I knew they had needs and I wasn’t sure how to address those needs. Sad to say, many are adults today and I don’t think I reached them. I took my first Slingerland class and I was hooked at that point because it gave a structure and meaning to my teaching. Often times when a child says ‘I forget, it means ‘I’m afraid to try; I don’t have the tools’. I wish every teacher could have what I have now.”

Jeanette Hurley, teacher, ASB School, Seattle

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Credit/Clock Hours

Participants in Slingerland course may receive graduate-level continuing education units or credits . . . More information.


The Slingerland Institute is pleased to offer scholarships for training . . . More information.

Reading List

We have compiled a list of articles, books, links, etc. that may help in your search . . . More information.


The scientific diversity of researchers doing work related to dyslexia and learning to reading and write . . . More information.


Early identification and appropriate instructional planning . . . More information.

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