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Homework Helps

Alternative TextBelow are some helpful hints for working with your child. Please continue to check this page as we endeavor to update it frequently.

The following tips/hints are excerpts from an article written by professional tutor and Slingerland staff teacher, Vicki Zion:

Learning Styles

Alternative TextDetermine your child’s learning style by having him/her take a survey. There is a good one by Kelly Wingate Publishers called Study Skills: (grades 2-4, 5,-8). There is also one in the book Learning to Learn by Gloria Frender. Next, use the study strategies that go with the dominant learning style. Play to your child’s strengths. It will make his/her study time more effective:

Visual Strategies

Auditory Strategies

Kinesthetic/Hands-On Strategies

For a complete copy of this article, please follow this link: Homework Help and Study Strategies.

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Tutoring Resource Providers

The Slingerland® Institute for Literacy maintains a database of tutors, educational therapists and screening professionals. The Institute is happy to provide you with this information, however, the Institute neither certifies nor guarantees any of the persons listed. They are people we know to have satisfactorily completed one or more Slingerland® courses, but we are not able to supervise them and therefore cannot warrant their quality. They are not employed by the Institute – they are independent contractors. Scheduling and price will be worked out between you and the professional. We hope you find the help you need; let us know if we can help you further. The primary caregiver bears the ultimate responsibility for choosing a professional and monitoring the student’s progress. Please download and read the attached fact sheet entitled “Tips for Selecting Tutors and Educational Therapists

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