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“The best solution to the problem of reading failure is to allocate resources for early identification and prevention.” J.K. Torgeson, 2000

Help with Reading List

Our directors and teaching staff have put together a list of books recommended for parents who are working with struggling readers. Take a look at the list and find some support.

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Parent Testimonial

“After years of no progress with only regular school instruction, my high school age son’s reading level went from 2nd grade to 8th grade level in 6 months, after working with a Slingerland trained tutor. Thank you Slingerland!”…Washington State Parent

A knowledgeable and proactive parent is often the critical factor responsible for transforming an unhappy, struggling student into a happy proficient one.

For a list of resources in your area, click the map icon on the left side of the screen and use the search option on the page.

Dyslexia Definition

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Homework Helps

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Class Descriptions

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Parent Reading List

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