Slingerland® Institute for Literacy

School: St. Luke School

17533 St. Luke Pl N
Shoreline, WA 98133
Phone: 206 542-1133

Grade Levels: 1-6
Category of Slingerland programs: General Education Slingerland Instruction K-3,Pull-Out Program
Number of teachers with Slingerland Training: 15
Date Slingerland program was established: August 1979

School Statement

Since 1979, St. Luke has been using the internationally-renowned Slingerland® multisensory method in teaching oral and written language skills to all types of learners, especially those with dyslexia and other processing differences. We also use a variety of other methods to supplement this auditory/visual/kinesthetic approach.

Slingerland® Institute for Literacy
PO Box 1648, Bellevue, WA 98009 US
Phone: (425) 453-1190
Fax: (425) 635-7762