Slingerland® Institute for Literacy

School: Prentice School

18341 Lassen Drive
Tustin, CA 92705
Phone: 7145384511

Grade Levels: K - 8th
Category of Slingerland programs: Full Slingerland Program,General Education Slingerland Instruction K-3,Pull-Out Program,Afterschool Services
Number of teachers with Slingerland Training: 12
Date Slingerland program was established: January 1994

School Statement

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The Prentice School empowers children with learning differences to fulfill their potential as students and citizens, through a specialized educational program based on teaching to each student’s strengths. We are determined to prepare our students for life.

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Join us for our 2015 Slingerland Summer Session.

Slingerland® Institute for Literacy
PO Box 1648, Bellevue, WA 98009 US
Phone: (425) 453-1190
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