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Sustaining Slingerland Skills/Saturday Followup - September 2021

When: 9/11/2021
Where: Online
Event Organizer Email:

Scheduled for September 11, 2021 - this session will discuss: Integration of the lesson plan. Additionally all those who attend this meeting will choose the topics for the meetings scheduled from October until the end of the school year.

The first 75 minutes of each meeting will include brief introductions followed by a time for general questions and open discussion *related to Slingerland instruction. Presentation on the chosen topic—with an opportunity for questions along the way—will follow. Bring your Slingerland questions and concerns to the meeting. If you have a question that needs an in-depth answer, please send an email message (email address above) so that I can have any materials that might be pertinent available.

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Tentative dates for future sessions: - 2-October 16— - 3-November 20— - 4-December 4— - 5-January 15— - 6-February 19— - 7-March 19—

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