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Slingerland Handwriting Skills - Online Class

When: 3/11/2021, 3/18/2021, 3/25/2021, 4/1/2021
Where: On Zoom

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This 12.5 hour Slingerland class is designed for any teacher responsible for the initial teaching of penmanship skills to younger children (manuscript and cursive) or to older students who have not established penmanship proficiency in at least one script. Although each person ultimately develops an individual style of writing, this class will show teachers how to make legible writing possible for all students. Class participants will actively apply the Slingerland multisensory techniques throughout the class in guided practice sessions.

In this 12.5 hour Slingerland Short Class, participants will discover the Slingerland Instructional Techniques for:

- Teaching manuscript and cursive handwriting using the Slingerland Approach

- Providing your students with the tools for automatic letter recall

- Making legible handwriting a reality for ALL students

**You must attend all the sessions to satisfactorily complete the class.Sessions will be held on Zoom from 4:30 to 7:00 pm (PT) on the following Thursdays:

*REGISTER EARLY!! Registration officially closes on Tuesday, March 3, 2021. *The class may be cancelled due to low enrollment.


Clock Hours– For WA State registrants, clock hours will be available through 247Ed. Registration for clock hours occurs after the class ends.

Continuing Education Units–Slingerland Institute is approved for Graduate Level Continuing Education Units (CEUs) through University of San Diego. The cost for the continuing education units are an additional fee. Registration for CEUS must occur ON or BEFORE the first day of the class. Click here to enroll - enrollment will be available 1/4/21

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Available Courses


Offers techniques in both manuscript and cursive handwriting using the Slingerland® Approach. Twelve and a half hours of class time. Minimum enrollment of ten.

Workshop Content

12.5 classroom hours. This workshop is approved for 1 graduate level extension credit through University of San Diego. Registration for extension credit must happen ON or BEFORE the first day of the workshop. Click here to view the USD enrollment page for the Handwriting Workshop.

Cost: $560.00

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